The Consultation
Let´s get together! I am so looking forward to meet you. We can have a cup of coffee, go over details, you can ask all the questions you want, and then we go into the fun stuff and plan your shoot and how you want to be photographed.
The MakeOver* (optional)
In-house makeup artist and hair stylist will discuss your look with you and do their magic.
I recommend you do your nails professionally before the session, since they are quite often a big part of the shoot. Or if you rather prefer doing them yourself, please keep them neutral and well maintained. Also if you have coloured hair, make sure your roots are good to go. 
If you do not choose makeover with us then we suggest you to do your own makeup or get it done professionally.
*Additional charges applicable for makeover based on availability, kindly discuss during consultation
The Shoot Day
I will guide you through the shoot, you don’t need to know anything about posing or think you need have the confidence of a supermodel. It is my job to make you look and feel good through the whole process. So just relax and enjoy the session.
We do different styles, changes of clothes (up to 3 outfits) and different backgrounds. The session would be around 2-4 hrs including time for styling (if opted for makeover). Hence be mentally prepared for the session.
The Viewing Day
The best of the portrait images from the shoot will be selected and then I will be processing the images to give my signature style.
We will meet in person about 2-3 weeks after your shoot and you get to see the images we created together for the first time. This is the time when you order desired products of the images you love. It is important that whoever is a part of the decision making on what you would like to purchase is present during viewing session.
Basic Collections starts at 14,999/- and A´la Carte Prints from 2,400/-
For more details on products, click HERE
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